ha.!! t0lEh KirI kANan d0lu bArU lEh BaCe

ha.!! t0lEh KirI kANan d0lu bArU lEh BaCe

Monday, January 25, 2010


In Parit Sonto there is one Superhero who is called Tiong Man. It also has an evil group calls Evil Rabbit. The Tiong Man wants to save the president and the city from the Evil Rabbit. The Evil Rabbit wants to kill the president and take over the city. From the beginning, the Evil Rabbit has robbed the Islamic Bank in that city. The superhero comes and fights them. Suddenly the vehicle and the city destroy. All the enemies are killed by the superhero but the leader is still alive with an ugly face caused by the accident. Finally he wants to revenge and kill The Tiong Man.

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